Thank you SO MUCH to all the children who took part in our amazing logo designing competition.

All of the entries were really special and we thought everyone did a brilliant job.

It was really difficult to choose a winner, but…..

First prize goes to Oscar Goodman Burke, from Magma Class, Year 5. We were really impressed with Oscar’s Heavers Farm leaf motif on a PTA background.

Oscar gets a £15 book voucher – well done, Oscar!


Second prize goes to Ken Johnson, from Opal Class, Year 4. Ken wins a £10 book voucher for his clever rainbow-leaf design.


Our new logo, which you can see below, combines Oscar’s fantastic design with Ken’s eye-catching rainbow colours. We’ll be using it on our blog, Facebook page, book stamps and even on our disco tickets. We hope you all love it as much as we do.


Because all of the entries were so brilliant we’ve also decided to give a special commendation prize – a £5 book voucher – to India Ellington from Pearl Class, Year 3. We all loved India’s drawing, which showed what a diverse community this school has, and how important it is to respect each other.


Well done India – we’ll be using your picture as the PTA banner on our Facebook page and blog.

You’ll be given your prizes on Monday 26 November.

If you want to see the designs on our CHRISTMAS DISCO TICKETS you just have to buy some!

They’re £2 each, and we’ll be selling them by the playground gates at drop off and pick up times on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday next week.

Join us for some PTA Christmas fun on Saturday 8 December.




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