The Big Xmas Raffle!

Raffle tickets go on sale TODAY!

Our fabulous raffle has prizes from parents and local businesses – a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has donated.

But what are the prizes I hear you say? Well… we’ve got Screen25 cinema tickets, chocolates, cake and tea at Essence of Cake, a Barbie hoverboard, stay and play week pass for Diddy Dinos, a drone, cake from Walnuts and Honey, an electric keyboard, a free coding class with mamacodes, and…

Crystal Palace football tickets!!!!

There are more prizes to follow so best get your tickets quick! The raffle will be drawn during our Christmas event this Saturday 8th December!

The PTA will be selling raffle tickets in the playground this week – £1 for a strip of 5 tickets. we will be the ones with the festive cheer and antlers 🙂




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