A Year in the life of the PTA

The first year of the newly formed pta has been a busy one! We’ve learnt a lot along the way and had some amazing successes.
The 2018/2019 PTA Committee are delighted to announce that over the academic year we’ve fundraised almost £5000! This money has helped us to put on our events, buy £2100 worth of new books for the school, support the year 6 prom, purchase supplies for future fundraisers, and improve our PTA shed so we can safely store our equipment.
Here’s a breakdown of what we’ve achieved as a school.
Thank you to everyone who donated books, uniform, cakes, to everyone who volunteered to run a stall or do face-painting, to everyone who took their child to see Father Christmas or who flossed their way across the dance floor. To everyone who tried their luck at the quiz night, who chatted over a cuppa at our coffee mornings and to everyone who came and spent their change at one of our events – we thank you!!!
A PTA is only as good as its members and all the parents, carers, and staff here at Heavers Farm have been amazing this year!
The 2018/2019 committee will be disbanding shortly and the 2019/2020 committee will be voted in at the AGM. If you are interested in joining next year’s committee and want to know more, please email us at heaversfarmpta@gmail.com or find us in the playground come September for a chat.

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